Lazer Tag

Test your skills in our 32 vest, single-level lazer tag arena.

Lazer Frenzy

Lazer Frenzy is a chance for you to test out your spy skills with its high-tech interactive game play and its use of lazers, mirrors, haze, effects and unique theming. Inside Lazer Frenzy, you will work your way through a variety of objects while being surrounded by a web of laser beams that you carefully navigate through. Feel like a spy in a movie, achieve your high score and complete your mission!


AtomicRUSH is the new exciting arcade-style game bringing you the latest in touch and LED technology with unlimited variations, vibrant colors, high fidelity sound and more. Battle your friends and test your speed! Choose a color, play by yourself or against your friends. The object is to tap as many of your colored lights within the arena in 60 seconds! You are bound to feel the RUSH!



From the latest and greatest interactive game technology to the tried and true classics, test your skill and luck in our vast Gaming Area.