Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, all players, regardless of age must sign a waiver. If you are under 18 than a parent or legal guardian must sign for you. Save time by clicking here to sign online!

How does Unlimited Lazer Tag work?
Buying an unlimited bracelet helps fill up our games and guarantee more fun for everyone! Unlimited Lazer Tag will give you entry in as many games as you can play during a specific time period. You will be given a yellow bracelet that will allow you entry into a game, every 15 minutes. Sometimes, we do have private groups or a lot of unlimited players, so theres a possibility of having to sit a couple games out - but this is a great time to check out our arcade or eat some pizza!

Lazer Tag

What's Lazer Tag?
Lazer Tag is an action packed game where players wear electronic vests and 'tag' each other with 'phasors' and capture 'mech' bases to score points. 

Do you have an age requirement?
No, all ages are encouraged to play, however we do have a suggested height requirement of 42".

How many people can play at once?
Currently our system can allow 32 players per game.

How often do you run Lazer Tag games?
During our normal operating hours we run Lazer Tag games every 15 minutes.

Can I watch my kid's play?
Of course! Simply let an employee know that you would like to supervise a game and they will let you roam about the arena without a vest on.

What game types do you have?
Red vs Blue, Rainbow Solo (Free For All), Vampires, Commanders, Multi-Team, Solo Elimination and Team Elimination. Our default game type is Red vs Blue, but if you want to try out one of the other games ask an arcade employee!

Will you teach me how to play?
Yes! All players will watch a 3 minute video explaining the rules and objectives of the game


What arcade games do you have?
We have a huge arcade! Our games are: Atomic Rush, Lazer Frenzy, Super Bikes 2, Winter X Games Snowcross, Dream Raiders, Spin -N- Win, Space Balls, Connect 4, Big Bass Ball, Milk Jug Toss, Fireball Fury, Alley Hoop, NBA Hoops, Treasure Quest, Crank It! Revolution, Temple Run, Speed of Light, Terminator Salvation, Fruit Ninja FX, Harpoon Lagoon, Cyclone, Monster Drop, Hot Diamond, Big Choice, Road Trip, Spongebob Spin, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right

Why don't any tickets come out of the machine?
They're digital! All tickets are transferred automatically to your game card after you are finished playing. The only game where you have to swipe twice to get your tickets is the Price is Right Coin Drop.


Where do you get your food?
We make all of our food items in house! We have a full kitchen and amazing oven that can pop out pizza, hotdogs, chicken tenders, you name it. Check out our menu for more information.

Is there space for a large group?
Our cafe can accomodate large parties and we can push tables together if you like.

Will you be showing the game?
We have Direct TV with the NFL package, and promise to always show the game when its on! If you have a channel request just ask an employee.



How do I book a party?
You can book a party online here, or you can call 619-934-4200 during normal business hours.

How long are the parties?
All of our party packages are 2 hours long.

How long are we allowed in the party room?
You have a private room for the full 2 hours. If you decide that you need more time to stay and play, your party host will help you move all of your items to our cafe seating area to continue your party. 

Can we pay extra to have two rooms?
When you exceed 16 or more guests for a party, you will automatically recieve an extra adjoining party room. Be sure to book this ahead of time, we can't guarantee that an adjoining room will be available if you wait until the day of to change your guest count.

Does the minimum guest count of 10 include the birthday child?
Yes, it does. The guest count includes all players.

What if 10 guests don't attend the party?
10 is our minimum size for a party. If the minimum does not show up for a party the players that are present will be able to play extra lazer tag / have extra game cards that the players that did not attend would have used up.

Is cake included?
No, you bring the cake! You are also allowed to bring ice cream, water bottles, and goodie bags. Other than those items there is no outside food allowed.

Are the Lazer Tag Games private?
We will do our best to keep your party seperate from the general public, but sometimes it is just not possible. We do however, promise that all players will be in the same general age range as the birthday child and his/her guests.

Is there a deposit?
A $100 deposit is required at booking that goes towards the balance of your party. This deposit is non-refundable. 

Are adults able to come to the party?
Yes adults are welcome! They can try to fit in the party room, or they can spill over into our cafe area and watch TV. Most guests with a lot of adults attending will buy a package with 16 guests in order to get two party rooms.